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We're three guys who love music, we played in these bands, we get fed up with music critics telling us that our taste doesn't count for anything and we hate it when people say that Sergeant Pepper is better than Pet Sounds. We wanted to give a voice to people like us. To let them say what they think, to introduce them to like minded people. We realise that the best recommendations we get aren't from music blogs or critic sites, they're from our friends and from people who share similar taste to us. RecordScore helps you achieve that. We've got some AI working in the back ground and it is just going to get better. Every time you're wondering what you should listen to next we want to be able to answer that question for you. Please leave us some feedback, let us know what you think and we'll keep building a better site.

Chris, Michael and Scott. Team RecordScore.

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"One of the best albums of all time! (In Hip Hop)"

"This Japanese remake of their best Korean songs is a pointless collection. Well. Except new track Scream which is one of the single of the year. Their Like A Virgin cover is cute too. "

"'i quit girls' sounds like drowning in pool of warm piss and tears (in a great way)."

"When I listen to this album I usually put it on my record player at night to fall asleep. You have to understand slowcore to know that letting the sound wrap around you and hold you warm in a blanket is not the same thing as an album boring you to sleep."

"I have to admit that I put this record out myself 28 years ago with my partners Dirk Rudolph and Hans-Martin Gross on our PASTELL label"

"Bury me happeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

"bloody genius record. srzly."

"Some of my favorite Queen songs."

The Modern Lovers
Someone I Care About (Alternative Version)
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